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Food Delivery Apps

Majority of Users Stop Using Food Delivery Apps in 14 Days of Launch

Eighty-six percent new users quit using the 'Food Delivery' applications within about two weeks of the principal launch while just 22 percent new users stay active after the first week of the launch, a...

ASUS Refreshes Its Vivobook Series in India

Taiwanese tech giant ASUS on Tuesday updated its Vivobook series and also released two new models -- a 15.6-inch Vivobook X512 and a 14-inch Vivobook X412-- in India. Both the Vivobook X412 and X512 configure...
Ice Loss in Antarctica

Almost 25% of West Antarctic Ice in Risk of Breakdown

Ice sheets and glaciers in Antarctica have thinned and debilitated drastically over the past 25 years, leaving 24% of the ice in the western part of the landmass seriously damaged and in the risk...
North korea

Trump Says That ‘Nobody’s Happy’ About Latest North Korean Missile Tests

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he wasn't pleased at all to hear reports that North Korea had propelled two short-range missiles overnight. "They were smaller missiles, short-range missiles," Trump told journalists at the White...

There Are Now 2.5 Billion Active Android Devices

Ten years after its first launch, Android is still setting device records. At the I/O developer conference, Google declared that there are at present 2.5 billion active Android gadgets. It's an incredible number for...

Google Lets Users Auto-Delete Your App Activity, Location, and Browsing History

It's a well-known fact that except if you are cautious about what you opt-in to, Google keeps an exceptional nitty-gritty record of your location history and a log of the web sites you visit...

Giza Pyramids Revealed Certain Secrets: 4,500-Year-Old Cemetery and Sarcophagi

A 4,500-year-old graveyard has been found southeast of the famous Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities declared today (May 4). A few tombs and internments were found in the burial ground, with one of...

Uber and Lyft Stop Hiring New Drivers in NYC

Uber and Lyft have quit enlisting new drivers in New York City, due to a recently passed law aimed to tamp down on an already oversaturated rideshare market. Politico detailed that Uber quit accepting...
US Army

US Army Cut Power To Its Largest Military Base to Stimulate a Cyberattack

The largest base of US Army, Fort Bragg, conducted an unannounced exercise so as to simulate a cyberattack. Not just that, it's likewise the largest military base in the world, with more than 50,000...

Google Makes It Easier For Employees to Report Sexual Misconduct Behaviors

Google on Thursday said it's rolling out a new way for its representatives to report issues of misconduct and discrimination. The tech giant said it made a dedicated site for raising those concerns, rather...

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