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Cassandra is a freelance writer who believes in writing informative, plagiarism-free content for websites. She is a keen observer of the technological advancements and business trends. She wishes to write her own book one day.
heart disease

Scientists Determine New Way Fat Damages Your Arteries

Scientists may have found a new way of how obesity directly harms the arteries and contributes to heart disease. The latest discovery could ultimately lead to new treatments. The British researchers discovered that in heart disease patients who are obese,...
robot fish

TunaBot: A Unique Fusion Of Biology And Robotics

A team of mechanical engineers at the University of Virginia School of Engineering in collaboration with biologists from Harvard University has developed the first robotic fish that is proven to imitate the speed and...

New Form of Carbon Is As Hard As A Diamond

Superhard materials are commonly used to slice, drill and polish other objects. They hold potential for creating scratch-resistant coatings that could help keep expensive equipment safe from damage. A team of researchers has used computational...
prosthetic leg

Human-Like Prosthetic Leg Improves Mobility

Scientists have developed a breakthrough device that makes it possible for individuals amputated above the knee to feel a prosthetic leg. This innovative device results in greater stamina, stability, and mobility. The researchers claim that...

Innovative MRI Technique Detects Molecular Activity In The Brain

MRIs give us a picture of what is inside our bodies —organs, bones, nerves, and soft tissue. But what if MRIs could show us the molecular structure of our organs, and help doctors more...

Augmented Reality In Automobiles: Is It A Good Idea?

Augmented reality features are already used by several automobile manufacturers and options for aftermarket augmented reality products are growing every day. Because of the regulatory issues of fully autonomous driving and other barriers that...
red blood cell

New Innovative Model Tracks Sickle Cells Disease

A team of researchers at Brown University has engineered an advanced computer model that determines the way regular cells are misshapen by sickle cell diseases. The model could prove to be useful in the...

A Smartphone App For Detecting Norovirus: Those Cruise Vacations Can Last Longer Now!

The notorious norovirus, commonly responsible for causing outbreaks on cruise ships, can be blamed for ruining many vacations by causing diarrhea, severe vomiting, and stomach pain. The highly infectious virus can cause water-borne and...
dollar tree

America’s Dollar Tree And Dollar General Convicted For Selling Expired Drugs

The country’s two most popular retail discounting chains Dollar Tree and Dollar General are charged with a fine worth USD 1.2 million for selling expired drugs, according to the New York Attorney General. The investigation...
vape juice

First Death Linked To Vaping Proves That It is No Better Than Smoking

Blowing clouds of smoke from your favorite vaping device are not cool anymore. The trend has proven to be deadly as an Illinois resident passed away after suffering severe respiratory illness. In Illinois, the number...

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