Slack Is Testing out a Dark Mode to iOS and Android Users

If it allows, I would use all my phone’s apps in dark or night mode. Almost all tech giants are rolling out dark mode on their platform. It is increasingly popular with users, as it helps to conserve one’s battery life, and it’s a bit easier on users’ eyes.

Now, Workplace collaboration app Slack is testing a dark mode feature for users. It’s not available to everyone just yet, but it is rolling out to beta testers. Though the dark mode isn’t officially a part of the Slack use yet and instead is currently available exclusively to members of Slack’s beta testing program.

9to5Mac spotted Slack updates for the iOS and Android, noting that the feature is currently being tested, and helpfully points out how to activate it for yourself. To get it now, you have to be part of Slack’s beta testing program — which is easily accessible. A user can join by heading over to the app’s settings, and select the “Join Beta” section, which prompts them to provide your name and e-mail address.

Once approved the app can be updated accordingly, you’ll then have a toggle that will allow you to turn the mode on in settings. Moreover, the Android update will prompt you to restart the app, whereas the iOS version will automatically switch.

Slack’s dark mode feature has a dark grey color for the feature, instead of true black that is used in the dark mode of other apps. The feature is applied to most parts of the app, including headers, pop-ups, and menus, however, it doesn’t affect the color palettes of the app.

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